Basic computer repairs, maintenace and upgrades should be cost effective and improve performance as well as efficiency. Being proactive by protecting from viruses, spyware and hackers prevents additional damage.


Computer upgrades can be as simple as downloading a patch from the internet to replacing major parts. Providing affordable upgrades and repairs allow you to be more profitable. With increasing spywares and viruses, many computer problems are slowly decreasing speed and efficiency. This makes diagnosing more difficult.


  • Always use anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Update all software regularly
  • Run scans regularly
  • Avoid questionable internet websites
  • Close all running programs when installing new software
  • Only install one program at a time
  • Download only from reputable websites
  • Keep all vents and fans away from obstructions
  • Run scan disk regularly and at first signs of problems
  • Run disk defragment after scan disk
  • Seek professional help if problems continue
  • Keep anti-virus and anti-spyware updated
  • Never post personal information online
  • Use strong passwords to protect data
  • Use firewalls to prevent access to important information


After years of repairing and upgrading computers, the next step was to obtained CompTia A+ and Network+ Certification. Maintaining a computer network, using MS Windows XP, 2000 Server and Advanced Server, provided experience with proper maintenance and preventative back ups to eliminate and decrease loss of data.


Home computing are more than entertainment playing games and downloading music. People use computers for paying bills, finding jobs and doing homework. These increase the possibility for spyware or viruses to invade computers. Understanding the risks and how to prevent possible loss, allows these activities to continue to be safe. Keeping data secure and backed up has become an extremely vital concern with computers being used for important sensitive functions.

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